Warpaint – Feeling Alright (Live on KEXP)

Under the branches of feeling alright
I fell asleep just to dream about
I’ve known too many reasons to fight
So glad that I have taken my time

Hmmm, my mind is made
I see in bold now
I’m growing up to a starry state
I know you can see me now

Under the flawless sky, feeling alright
Not careless, not hopeless
You can’t bring me down
I’ve known too many reasons to fight
So glad that I have you on my side
I’ve taken my time

Only the right thing is happening
I can see it face to face, I’m not worrying
First rule of thumb you gave
Promise not to fake your way
So rest your head and go to sleep now

Ooh, ooh, my mind is made
I see you bold now
I’m growing up to a starry state
And soon you will see it better now


If I had to describe the sound of Warpaint in two words, they would be: soulfully brooding.

Although some of their more recent albums have featured dream pop influences, the majority of Warpaint’s portfolio is made up of dark and dreary indie rock. “Feeling Alright” is cut of the same cloth. Don’t let Stella Mozgawa’s energetic drumming or Emily Kokal’s gentle backing harmonies fool you. The band’s darker edge comes through like the acidic aftertaste of strong coffee in the form of lead singer Theresa Wayman’s hauntingly placed vocals over Jenny Lee Lindberg’s reverberating bass-lines.

Fun Fact: Indie-folk pioneers Daughter teamed up with Warpaint to reinterpret one track from the other’s library. This led to the birth of a fantastic remix of “Feeling Alright” that you’ll want to check out as well.

Warpaint 2.png

Image courtesy of @_Warpaint.

Lyrically, the song is ambiguous although the tone is somewhat sarcastic towards the individual the narrator is addressing. The narrator seems to have learned from their mistakes in the past and has grown in confidence as a result. In the context of a relationship, the narrator was once underestimated and undervalued. Experience is the harshest teacher but has now empowered the narrator in finally standing up for themselves and recognizing the unbalance in their relationship – “My mind is made, I see in bold now.”

Warpaint is a full-frontal femme fatale that raises the bar for what should be accepted as sharp and creative alternative rock in this era of music. This is certainly a band you will want to give a chance to. “And soon you will see it better now.” 


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