Went to a Crystal Castles concert last night
The venue was in some part of Brooklyn I now had an excuse to go to
The line started outside, the uncomfortable waiting and wind chill
all part of the foreplay really
Once we got inside the room was a lot smaller than I expected
Yet what really struck me was how familiar the whole scene was
Helplessly segregated by cliques and personality disposition
Young women looking disinterested, waiting on
Young men waiting on the nerve to meet gender expectations
Fuck, I thought I was done with this in high school

An eerie red fog basked the room while resounding electronic synth
served as the backdrop to this week night self-examination
As I sat there watching this assortment of fellow concert-goers
with their post-Cold War mohawks and indispensable apathy kits
I wondered if life would just be a series of these microcosms
permeated with a sense of never fitting in
But upon hearing the sharp slicing vocals of Alice Glass
play over the infectiously dreary beats of Ethan Kath
I find myself dancing and thinking
this isn’t so bad, is it


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