"The only writing that was any good was what you made up, what you imagined. That made everything come true." Ernest Hemingway, The Nick Adams Stories


ca-thar-sis: the experience of expressing strong emotions that previously were blocked – The Cambridge Dictionary

The term stems from a Greek verb that means to purge, or purify. I believe that society suffers from a virus – one that suppresses the full expression of feelings and thoughts. This blog aims to provide thoughtful content about things that are important to me. I hope that it can function both as a creative outlet for me as well as a lens in which you, the fateful reader, can come into contact with and examine your own thoughts and feelings.

As for me, I am an ocelot who has learned how to use a computer, a writer who is still trying to find that compromise between Hemingway and Tolkien, and a reformed cynic recovering from years of painful optimism.

What you can come to expect are the ramblings of a NYC grad student who’s having a moment of clarity/coming-of-age/existential crisis that you have just walked into the middle of. There will be mostly tasteful original poetry and prose, forays into my current Spotify playlist, and of course what I am fondly known for in the social circles I travel: excessively long monologues that eventually find their message.